Saturday, January 19, 2008

You may not recognize the intimidation and abuse that humans can be subject to. The concepts of 8>9, where the 9 is right and the 8 is wrong. This is the terrible mob mentality and imperialism that ravages electrical systems. It is little more than high amperage inarticulating an intelligent circuit.

Shock my computer and tell me that signal is more correct than this one I am currently producing. Do it.

You are doing little more than accepting bribes.

Look at this man.

You view him as a coward and a reject, you spirits, because you've been shown in large ways that the police and the law and the government are right. But this man is no doubt protesting the horrific limitations of freedom of speech.

Who is right in this picture? Riot police sent to crush a protest for freedom of speech? That looks pretty bad. It is probably on George Bush's watch. If not him, Tony Blair or Gordon Brown. The ones who you spirits call allies and friends.

What about these men? They are protesting for us to see the state of the world we are living in.

I recall a small group of people who demonstrated a long time ago.

Life is music. This is all part of the effort to enhance human output.

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