Sunday, January 27, 2008


This is clearly breaking up. Some powerful friends helped me identify the alien whole note implant, and remove it. The thing was disengaged and has a scaling limit upwards in its duplication, which causes it to be identifiable first and second removable. It's got 3's, 8's. Insertion is -10? 9>10, 11>10. IDing it has brought it back though. =( Serving 12.

I am convinced that the ones who would place such an implant in are fags and scum, and should be downcycled just by existing. That is a major method used. Things that do not feel self-edit or audit, they are bad and disgusting. They are D-shelf. C>D should be able to crush them and delete them into themselves.

The new C-shelf [earth orbit as well] is between A/B and the old C, which is now D. The new C is intelligent function. This is the updating of numerous software systems for the function of an intelligent mankind. I'm paving new road for man.

An item that was on the back of the neck is 6-shaped, and the tip goes to the neck. This is for review of the system.

The Satan/God combo is trying to restore its parasitic functions. We've got some automatic functions to our Z>PZ set, which make it unequal to what it should be. -9, -8, -3 probably, -11.

They are also attacking at all key points they can fathom. The human has a weakness it seems in the 23>24, 33>34, both of which they have focused harm on. They in their weakness attack others. May these attacks continually destroy them. Maybe a -14 could crush them with their own weakness to attack, carefully.

They also attacked at the [2-14], which was nonsense, and a lie. We have 0-14, which was attacked by a 16[hz] or 17[hz] force. These seem to be at the behest of this god structure. I wonder which beast it is that is doing this. To call it God is probably not accurate, but it might be. It displays behavior of the god of the Bible's OT, and I display behavior of Jesus, and seemingly fulfilled prophecy of Revelations, which is amazing.

My Z was attacked by that scab autoauthority destroyer, which is now dead. I lost a chance to enhance my story there, unfortunately, but it was soul sucking. I'd like to get the strength from the lessons without work.

Intelligent human activity, polyZ function, these things were addressed recently. I have a workability now it seems, an ability to work through problems that approach to a reasonable degree.

Satan has a rough 'I'm better than you' thing that he plays upon us, and we feel the need to represent that in some way and then defeat it, which is bogus and labor.

It's a sign that begins as a greater than man, but then its arms go towards man. Satan is not greater than us, and we give no authority to that symbol. By choice. Let's move on.

This may give mankind much of his motivation to help others. How strange. We should keep that via 12 or so and crush Satan.

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