Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have collected numerous examples of bad wiring inside myself, which I do not approve and never did, but somehow kept, just to show the wrong in the one who promoted them. This ideally is to get myself and them to pursue Z better.

But the Z is a versatile thing in many ways. In the context it was in, the Z-theft was wrong, and false mathematically.

Tricking someone is not good. It is -P>Z. you need to trick someone to gain. You're the bottom of the fake lambda.

They survive on presuming quotas after the -10/-8 effect. Once that procedure has been instituted, they use bad math to presume quotas on the effect. I have watched the procedure. It is exterior to the two quantums with only one seed. They then say these two are the same. This was 1978, and the final death of the hippie revolution.

A new one has been sought after through the 80's, and seemingly found in the early 90's, and now was tested in 2001, and is still going and is being attacked brutally. In late 2007 when Ron Paul was doubted by some, which was a misunderstanding, the revolution took a slight back seat, but that has stopped. What tags remain upon it we do not need to keep. Thank you, friends. The revolution continues.

The understanding of others should not be necessary requirements. Ever. Whatis necessary but Z?

No one is ever senior to the individual on the lambda-pyramid in their pursuit of Z. Freedom of this kind is the only thing that can ever be senior. I am free to feel as I like about anything, ever. No other thing can ever be on that, because the link from me to Z is infinite and can never be ended. All -11 on it between me and Z are to be destroyed forever and always. May those who also pursue Z around me also prosper in their secondary measures in relation to the importance I provide.

God has done this as well, but he forces others to not be closer to what he believes is Z than he is. By refusing all possible dominance he dominates others intensely. I reject this thing, and seek the Z myself. May I be able to help others and receive help if I need it on my path, but never dominance.

They are "lying on the floor". Lying while standing on something. I do not need to work with the people who are around me. I work with those who I feel like working with in the capacities that I prefer.

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