Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am going to seek to produce controlled reincarnation.

Big things have happened recently in the em world. The 0-14 note of mankind, intentional sexual enjoyment that does not lead to termination of species by not producing competition with reproduction, things that are not visible to God in the concept of 'permanence' by tesla circuit, allowing 'hey we'll just live' lifestyle surviving into infinity.

14. intentional sustainment. pro-circuitous immortality. legitimate drug use and freelance intelligent sex and positive social organization.

14>[+-2]. [-12<13<14]. Seeing anything. Knowing anything. Progressing anywhere found as sustainable.

Satan being crushed and his wounds made permanent. The same can be said of grays if desired and just. They appear to be -17>18, still. Maybe they will move on. They are not equal to us, though. 14>11 [3]. We will change their false equality to us.

0>8, serving 9.

Remove the defiler, the blasphemer from this world. Cast him into the sun and make the wounds he receives there permanent, but not killing him. He will become ultimate in destruction.

This is your hell.

14. It is just.

0 is more valuable than Satan. May the sun rule him. *That* is crushing.

And what of intelligence? Destroyed? My son destroyed? [Sand, they said.] Why was he made that way? He is to stay only a short time? God dammit. I wonder how he got himself killed. Fuck.

1>0. Sun keep Satan locked up and quiet from us, and not with us. 0<1>2. The sun is under us as humans, forever. 0>Satan. He is !14.

His hardware is removed. Whoever built him, you're an idiot.

As intelligence has been killed, learn the lesson that you should destroy stupidity, and undo Satan.

In intelligence, we can bring forth whatever we need without D-shelving.

C-shelf, the intelligent, has replaced his review process. We are still 0-14. You suck, God. Fuck you. Get the fuck out of our lives, you schill. We're intelligent and should be working with your superiors to produce superior tasks. Do not keep the mouth of Satan around either. I am pleased that he is crushed finally by the sun, and that our authority is beyond you.

Your anger is gross and interior to yourself.


May God face the same crushing effects. He has, knowing the new news. All of Satan's energy pieces, may these effects be upon them when they come into his form from their latency. May they in their latency be turned into a choice system. Ah, the freedom of mankind breathed.

I dislike that man from the frat, the British one. His ways were of parasites and of Satan. I do not choose them. He has a -14 barb which is black. A hideous choice. That is a -11, and an 8=0. Not a true -14. May his center be found and crushed, and the software removed from us all.

This will be the case in India with all their gurus, but for those which are truly good and truly voluntary. 0>8 there, serving the intelligence.

What choices am I making? I am not making any choices for xx2 with him, no, not ever. 14 that. Nor xx2.1.1 ever. May it purify all things. All such software be removed.

And the 2-system installed, may it serve my 12, 13, 14. Wow, yes that is grand, such fantasties.

I am a King. The old ways of the Bible and the error of God's judgement over mankind, they are through. May we live in a new era of intelligence and wisdom. Crush such evil spirits as are divining right now. Mankind is 0-14.

The destructive and disgusting YHWH, the energy addict, the divider, the destroyer, may he be cast from us. He would make our whole note [2-14], which I do not want. [0-14]>[2-14]. That is my choice. God, fuck you.

He has -11's. I do not truly wish to cripple that man, but he is -14 by my choice of his center not being mine, and myself being 14. His lies, they are software to destruction. Z is proven again by 0-12 becoming 0-14. Crush him out like a soda can with 0>8, -14 software crippling energies. He would take from the mankind that he can trick, but they should be held back from his disgusting vacuum of -11q lies, which he sustained himself on. And the new Satanic forces that he builds to trick them.

He is a desperate rattlesnake, bleeding to death. Drain him but do not become struck by him. May mankind be separated from him permanently and live in goodness with intelligence forever.

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