Saturday, January 19, 2008

Various kinds of humans produce and pursue their dreams in ways that manipulate and exchange pieces of energy on sustainable e-cosystems, intertwining with spirits and aliens of various sorts and God.

Depending on what kinds of goals you have and build, and what beliefs and confidences you experience your energy pattern and circuit route will be different.

This is more important to spirits and to God than any principle. The Sabbath is or was like a spirit market day no doubt.

This is the horrific desanctification of spirituality to the tally of electrons and the demystification of miracles to the quantum hz. The world is grossly finite and it appears that everyone and every living thing is trading.

Spirits often take energy without thinking about a human's will. They will introduce disruptive moods and energy patterns as indicated in the implant data. They sometimes change wiring or attempt to, or try to place humans into categories of Z/0Z fitness categories, to cycle them up or down in importance in the mass field, depending on their local functions and power.

Iraq has the em signature of a vagina, which is so disgusting, and it attracts those who are testosterone laden to go and fight there and work in relation to it. It is probably 'necessary' electromagnetically and fiscally because of the worldwide population level. The introduction of electrical technology would allow the production of an immature human population insufficient for controlling itself.

Spirits and mankind have been trying to raise the hz frequency of society for thousands of years. Seemingly we are up to around 217hz, and only rose stably above ~200hz for the first time in about 1980. This is a larger more powerful and higher energy em field. This brings some kind of hope to the spirits, because they can use the fruits of this tree literally to build miracles. I believe this is the "Tree of Life" to an extent, or a component or a scale resonance of it, although a physical 'tree of life' is also probable, as is the tree of knowledge. I wonder what would have happened, without caring, if we had eaten the fruit of the tree of life too. Would our world have become an empty em chaosfield?

212hz was a special vibration. The world got up to around 218-9hz before I began messing with God and these special frequencies. It has not been enhancing as dramatically as before when I worked other wonders. I am not pleased.

I feel that my energy resources are limited and that others, especially bad people around me, have enhanced access to the fruits of my spirit, which I do not want to go to them. Yet, I care about them like a tyranny upon me. They are probably electrically trained to be 0Z functionaries, local electrodes that drive down or test others. Working with these individuals or spending time with them is a bad experience, and not justice.

I had expected infinite justice. I had expected infinite love. I am seeing an economy. I am seeing a careless society, taken by the mass of its ways and uncaring to the sequestered plight of one man, who is right, and who is disgusted by the horrendous incivilities perpetrated on mankind, since the garden, by disunderstanding and harmful practices. "Throw it away," they say, about me.

Like I am deaf. Like I am a sheep or a clone or a fruit tree. I crack circuits for lunch and dinner. Why do they rebuff me? Why does God disregard my statements and listen to energy that comes from me, when I am trying to tune that instead, with these statements.

How could this be made beautiful?

So many of mankind are so sad and disappointed. Are you willing to spend the monsters to repress and remove their sadness hatred and the guilt of those who would crush them? To flood this planet with your emotional kerosene and light it on fire? Why would you do such a thing? Listen. Harder. Closer.

...once again, humans have e-pouches on them that hold their kinds of energies, like signal data for spirits working us. I will work to remove all of these pouches if you do not listen. It will take days for you to learn.

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