Monday, January 14, 2008

Whoever has given us an uncertainty about rebuffing Satan, remove it. We really believe that he shouldn't exist, and as an enemy and weed, to garden him out. That keeps us reengaging with him. Stop that cycle, not by changing us.


That's pretty pinkish/peach. Help us be inspired to do what we love.

Also, please do this to the -7's. Well shucks. They're all dead. Thanks.

They have a -8 pair that seem to go along with them everywhere. Maybe they'll leave too. How nice. This may be a test zone for that experience. I like it, and it is fresh, except for something leaking slowly. Keep foreigners off of me, and patch up that leak.

Also, let's see the elimination of uncertainty of rebuff to the -7, -8. And have it go down to the stem vs be a 9.

...spirits frequently believe that I will be far more hurt than I usually am by major electrical surgery, God. I think humans can benefit from some more substantial electrical rerouting.

This is a kind of coldish low flowing system, I admit, but I think it should enhance and clear up with proper software. Also, where are the tare-points?

In a 13-test someone is taking the stuff. if you've given us tare-requirements to bastardfaces as punishment for whatever garden crap went on, that is highly immature. I'd rather tare to myself in partition than to others.

This guy was stealing my head as a large and growing boulder. I discussed the tare points and

[I <3 your good work God]

We can move to this, even now. A choice between your state and my own. A test. I don't know what you want. I need food to work. [Which comes first?] I also want to follow my own dreams. Hmm. Without associative bonds we will drift somehow. What are some personally favorable ways to associate with God? We can enjoy beautiful things together. I'd like to tailor some great experiences together of all sorts.

Satan's a fag. You introducing him to us was no way to get a custom specie to make your em fields. You perform intelligent evolution. What makes you think Satan is necessary in those areas that you've tailored?

That's like letting wear edit the hem of your pants, and expect it to become better. Maybe the next one will. Maybe you'll make it out of better fabric or material. But eventually it'll become unreasonable to drive that car so long as to wear it out.

That's a comfy spot. But for others assaulting the place, a walled city with no energy leaks, yes.

Keep Satan away from us. KGE is a weakness because we edit you and the area around us. Not because we're >12.

This kind of <0 thing sometimes shows up. It's like a disgusting spore. It goes into the brain or an organ and produces more of itself, like a virus. An em communicating device. It's really hideous and malevolent and makes patterns of itself through folk. I want them all to perish because they're horrific demon monsters, broadcast in the em field. I also want to do the things I do in my day regardless, without being exposed to them. There is nothing I do that mandates those fuckers being here. They're idiocy walking. We can -11 them out immediately and not suffer substantially that I recognize here. I'd be willing to examine the systems with you God.

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