Sunday, January 27, 2008

There is a place in the brain above the ear in the back that seems to be worm eaten in nature, like a terrible ant colony. It is from Satan. It is some kind of -11q or an abuse system, and a training system for Satan to make personality for himself that is effective to a person.

He's a whore.

God, you're a faggot for making him. And also for wanting to control us.

How can Satan be hurt? As if hurting him were the only way to get what I want. I need an 18, an intentional equality of myself, an exclusion of him as 'you're not part of my infinity'. What permissions does he have to go into someone's head? Less than none. 0>8 on Satan. Any 9's regarding Satan are intelligent attempts to destroy him.

There are sometimes gray or blank rods that identify as 9's. Places or pieces of intelligence, which must be something refined.

It is an I want to kill you, bounced back onto the man. 9>this. Does Satan think that he is equal to me? He does. He is scum, though, not infinite and not good nor intelligent. Exploitative and evil.

There must be automatic responsive consequences for "I want to kill you." -11q to those.

Have you met someone who is an arrogant bitch who believes strongly in that which is not true, by obvious measure that they should be able to observe? He's an inequality. God uses him to get at us. You, God, in the heavens, you are a cunt.

He's got a long -3, which is blue.

He presumes an automatic welcome for social correspondence, which is false. It usually makes me unhappy to hear the traditional voice of that Satan faggot coming around. He uses -9's, illogic, and sinister ways to try to harm humans. If he did not, and just didn't exist, we'd be better. Doubtless god wants this for the purpose of enforcing his law and keeping us from intelligence and success, which is threatening to god's ways.

Yes, something bad is happening on the head now. Why? Those things are by -11q. I do not submit nor subscribe to -11q.

Z is more important than any of this. I want ot be free of the satan's wormeating ways, and god's arrogance in my life. 18?

What is 17? The justice that should be produced here? Does god or satan believe they they are above justice? They are disgusting beings. a 17>them should be very effective, as they are not sustainable, and impose illegitimate law based on unsustainability, which they presume to be universal. God also claims to be infinite, but I have seen the parasite structure on which he thrives. He has hubris, and likes to be told that which is untrue and yet he envies, especially by worshippers it seems. It dominates the songs of the Bible and the praises given to him, although he is trash.

The concept that god wants this is wrong. The concept that satan wants these things is worse. This should be crushed with intentional justice.

I view this separation from the ones whom I want to correspond with and their misunderstandings as a punishment from this god, who does not have the right to punish me, for leaving him, in his parasitic domination, and fighting his domination of mankind.

But the truth is important. Skipping #17 is not a good idea. Intentional justice is important, and crushing god and satan is the right thing to do. 7>9, 17>19 is important. Let's begin work on that right now.

What is justice? The path to the Z being corrected, or perhaps monitored.

I enjoy goals. They elucidate my Z. Being asked questions and having good topics to strive towards is good. God tries to encourage me to forget Z and just go with the goals or things that elucidate Z, as if such a thing would make Z better. That is god's error, forgetting what is good and just going with whatever high amperage signal is around. That's probably why he's such a junkie for A.

He's got no Z. Or only a neglected strand of it like a living thing long forgotten.

I don't feel the need for continuity on a path of idiocy. That is where intelligence comes in. To shape a new reality.

There is also some kind of a curse on this wormhole. It's a big bunch of -11q's. Is it the concept or anticipation of reciprocation for my actions? I do expect idiots to be out there, opposing the things that I do, and for life to desire to remain life, even if it is wrong. I expect Satan to have some pride in his damn self. I ping that often. But then I get the DG of it the other way, and find life wanting to be life for the purpose of evil, which is satan. And god, seems is that other DG.

They are stupid fucking cunts. The two bad ends of a stick that has nothing to do with what I want. It's legalism and an 11>12 to the extreme ends. Crush them both. I'd rather have them learn, actually, but they're too retarded and stuck to learn, almost entirely, and I'd rather see them crushed as concepts than come to learn and change, except for the knowledge that, for example, defeating communism is not nuking Russia, it is everyone stopping being communist. It's like fighting 'blue'.

Fighting stupidity is not like fighting the forces of stupidity.

God, Satan, you are stupid fucks.

So correction is the answer. If they won't go to the line of Z, then they will be cut off from it.

God wants the things that will define Z, but doesn't care about Z. This must be why he craves PZ. He must also have YZ. Maybe he thinks YHWH, or HWH, is Z. HWH!=Z. The addiction of separating addiction. So shouldn't he crush himself? -14.

This is 19 effects. 7~9. Justice needs to be made regular, without the use of intelligence or equality. It is -11q to be 789 vs 7Z8Z9. Probably from a dramatic and massive 7-frenzy during WW2.

God uses Satan to produce HWH. He forces Satan to be around and stir up things that will invigorate the clarification of Z. So he is a confuser, a douchebag, an accuser, and unable to be intelligent. These are the things also that God is.

God, kill yourself. You're really worthless trash, and you're harming and preventing the function of the systems around you, which you love partially in your disability.

Get the fuck out of your life.

I am not here to help God by guilding this path. He's a faggot and a phony and nothing worthwhile. I'd rather be free of him than be forced to choose between suffering near him or fixing him. He's a douchebag. A bad worker. And fired.

But his energy remains somewhere, for some lame reason. This is an 8Z9 problem. I recognize this. The organization of things from field into intelligence. God does not have the right to do that. He's got a fake 17. It's x|, which is -11.

Seriously, killing this guy God will be a much better creation of the future than not.

We can pursue the things we want without him. But in the meantime he is a cycle of suffering that should be emptied.

I'm seeing this thing on the side of my head, and another buttony thing near the front which attacks the vision or other major functions. Satan wants it there. I don't love Satan.

I think humans may be too dynamically involved in the functions of other creatures. It's nice that we do good things together, but we need to have this be good only. Now it is just cuffs already on our hands waiting to be chained to things. That is a poor choice.

And fuck you douchebags for abusing that system. It's a test of you and your pathetic arrogance that you abuse humans. Your weakness and idiocy is reflected through your willingness to attack us. You're nothing.

The freedom to do what you want is far better than the impetus to do what you want. That actually is WH.

God is a harassing bitch who wants decisions more than correctness or progress. He does not know Z, he desires us to make choices, he desires a strong stream of amperage and high energy signals rather than anything right good or meaningful in them. He is soaking for data. This is cowardice and idiocy.

Why am I getting caught up in it? I have compassion for those who are experiencing wrong done to them, and suffering in the world. It is nazi hunting. The crushing of fascism. There doesn't need to be fascism to crush, though.

Maybe God is trying to get all data on us to make a heaven where we will be content idiots to be fed upon electrically. He certainly is parasitic enough.

Z> that. That = everything but Z. God, you will never know my Z, nor any single living thing's true Z except your own. Your quest to know this is compromising to your own experience, and weakens your synergy and makes you annoying.

In the meantime, get this wormeaten crap off me and may the one who wants those kinds of things suffer appropriately.

0>7 may need to come from or to God and Satan. As well as the 0>8 of 'you do not matter at all'. Satan and God too not mattering at all is a very attractive choice for me. I'd rather correspond intelligently and voluntarily.

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