Friday, January 11, 2008

Satan is very much like an upside down v that curls into two -14 swirls at the ends. They are 8 and 6. Whereas God is an upside down v with an 8 at the top, or looking like a colored ribbon. Together they work to maintain fitness, which is increment, the opposite of the v.

I am being held to a -11 which is not 12. I am being tested. The world is being tested. I'm being misrepresented spiritually and electrically.

It is my special day and also God's special day. These two things are being 11'd closely by interested parties. Their interest is the topic. The fact that it's two special days is cool.

God serves progression of fitness. He serves the heavenly host [13]. I am still amazed that this is a jungle. We can build this world much better and cleaner, bigger and stronger. We will! And with the great honor that God does now. Wouldn't that be fantastic? Who is looking for ways it would not be?


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