Thursday, January 10, 2008

Being civil to one another is a key part of life. Working together with others to accomplish tasks is a key part of energy. Orchestration of energy and love is the central tenet of energy. You are free in all ways, but choice of working with others appears to be the option.

I also note that it is 12:13AM on 1/11/08. This calendrical date is extremely orchestrated to freedom and belief in self and equality. The calendar in ways is an agreement of what time it is, which is a kind of temporal energy pact. We'll meet at 4:00 and sell excellence. It's an agreement, and our energies are together in this way, organized and ready to meet upon our intentional vibration and mental effect.

What is there to be worked on? What kind of wonderful world shall we create? Personal time or intelligence may be used to enhance the present group situation.

My, what could be worse than being kicked out of heaven? Those spirits then removing their attention from you. It is palpable. Circuits cease to fire and there is an aloneness, a chilliness. They and their major goals are our major goals, though we may not know it when we subscribe. To know them consciously.

Worlds like women to date. Choose.

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