Thursday, January 10, 2008

A man said in 1974 that he wanted to have sex with every beautiful woman. This was taken as universal to his experience by the spirits that move with him, and not understood intelligently, but it shouldn't and doesn't need to be understood by the locally minded spirits around him. He thought of it as contingent, and in detail envisioned it as for every woman around him to be beautiful and good for sex. His mind became sharp to handle the frequency with which this request from his mouth was repeated to him inside his own mind, which he interpreted differently from others than he did from himself. His mind became very well developed to stave off these frequent idiotic electrical onslaughts from an open radio channel to beautiful sex.

Unfortunately, the meaning was lost. Words taken too literally by idiots taken too far by fools does not lead forward. It leads back. Who would be moving this man backwards on purpose, having misunderstood? The spirits, or himself for hearing the echo?

I view myself as different from others. The unique context is something I enjoy. It is a bouquet of information producing a lovely smell indicative of the path. Like hunting prey, "stalking the wild quantum".

I absolutely do not collude non-reproductive sex with a decrease in fertility. Each incident should be an ode to that very thing, with as few unnecessary twists inbetween as possible, but every necessary hurdle.

1930? Oh, they focus on the most important data. See the article in for aliens disregarding our unimportant data. So why do they seem to give a F?

Hmm, like a delay in computer refresh rate? When in the desert?

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