Saturday, January 5, 2008

We hear of the traditional battle between 'good' and 'evil', led by God and the D'evil. Satan is not so much the freakish imp that God just can't kill. He is a scalpel. He is God's evolutionary edit tool, and is sent to earth to terminate the orbits of humanity that is not 'top shelf' and to test those who are. We have been programmed to die because we are being cycled through DNA and social/electrical organization.

It is like being attacked. When Satan is upon you, know that God is allowing you to be harmed. As in the book of Job when God let Satan destroy Job's family and world, only to bring him 'better' family and worlds. Was that really necessary? What a bloodthirsty war criminal. For pride, and for jealousy.

Who has such a right? Evil is the good half's tool for limiting garbage. It's the shotgun of God, not something God can't control. The spiritual em field that harasses us and tries to force us to make stronger and more organized energy particles and fields prunes us.

There is nothing about this I like.

Humanitarians do this better. We don't need a world full of punishment-people or spirits to inflict on others. Some people are douchebags *built* and maintained by God to bring you down if he views it necessary to the Garden. This world would be better without them. Energy addiction and a world like a farm animal. Hello.

A thing I'd like here is to either become personally immune to the electromagnetic rapings that this process is, or to have this God figure stop harming individuals in this way and have them avance towards whatever high energy goals he has on their own or just relax. It's not *mandatory* that we evolve at a speed so stringent that it requires evil. Also examine this page, which I am now reminded of. [page missing. it was an irish man in a high street cafe being harassedly asked 95 questions about how to prepare his sandwich, which he just wanted to be easy.]

You're setting these up, and my entire day today has been slightly mentally anesthatized. I hope *you* like the results *you're* making for *yourself*. Mental masturbation is for the insecure, or those who are not in a position to hurt themselves or others.

"Say 3 when I finish this sentence, please..."

Also, examine this page. "Mother nature is not our friend." I like animals and plants and rocks and things but when they're used like a cudgel to get me to cough up high energy fields/particles, it makes me feel like a whore.

Read my other blog Satan and God. Every piece of energy is alive. For God or Satan or something else to not respect this kind of thing is bogus. If I cracked apart an ecosystem I'd get harassed, unless it went really well, in which case credit would likely be envied or stolen, from experience.

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