Saturday, January 5, 2008

I have noticed that most teeth are "+/-" vs ++ or --. This must be from sorting and because of the heterogeneous context of most foods or chewables. When adjusted to be radiant instead of non-radiant, they become energetically brittle. Radiance is an 11-level issue. Not all fields need be radiant. + and - together in differing or intelligent amounts can be used for sorting incoming or randomized field data. [This sort should not be harmful.]

The same could be said of this scalpel technique, and of evolution. Brittle evolution is a liability. But sorting these energies, like the gear meshings in Satan and God, can be done without force, and with intelligence and courtesy instead. Technically, no gearing can be forced and no one denied a potential quantum organization if it is intelligently known and performed. No one else can be forced to participate, though. This becomes an incident by incident voluntary energy process.

Evolution involving living coded scalpels such as 'Satan' is like leaving a chainsaw on. Or leaving a robotic walking chainsaw on in the woods. Frankly, a blunt and unintelligent situation. The Satan is motivated by internal inequalities searching for all manner of foul energy combinations, which is nothing short of a [-8] compiled to find and attack things with that signature, intelligent or not. There is no opposite of 8. Satan's coding will absolutely and without doubt destroy good things with a stable level of frequency.


Now we're getting into the de-orchestration of a system, an artificially orchestrated consequence of enhanced independence. A field of independence will eventually organize into more ordered sequences of intentional effects, which should by ideology meet and intelligently 'compare notes'.

The tyranny of other people's perceptions, leading to "2/9"'s, creating "2/11"'s, or tests surrounding all of our [8/10/12 by 13] standings and activities.

2 - perception
8 - similarity, infinity
9 - intelligence
10 - unique, reality, the quantum, intentional/whole environment
11 - similarity, intentional/whole unity
12 - love, progression, intentional/whole perception
13 - intentional/whole choice

The length of strings surrounding these events is not compelling.

This image is subject to de-evolution, by the introduction of 'boxcar' canyon competition sources. It'd be frowned upon by someone who was interested in progressing evolution, especially for that boy, but not so much as someone who was amid stable evolutionary cycles and wanted to enhance culture and society, although it is a compromised contribution.

I wonder how the kid feels now, knowing the photo was taken and is being transmitted.

A thought is a "10" we are preparing to examine. A 1-circuit that goes in a circle. Yes, this is the big secret of how these numbers intersect. I began by thought, and coming around to this admittedly shortened circle, which I expect to flush later through the 4'd-lambda, should be a very large rough circuit I've completed personally since ~2002-3.

omfg, time is a 4'd-lambda.

These pillars began as single 10's, formulated to pursue 12 by 13. Condensations, and they are led by major radius em fields. They are mostly potential but have 10-originations and a single 10-leader, serving 12, and condensating 11's. This is probably a googolplex of 11's serving 12, which the 10 below them first served.

This earth, then, is it a place owned? I argue not. Humanity is a voluntary association event. Being harassed into doing something is like wildlife abuse. Are ecosystems slave chains? It depends on their organization. We are one of the most weblike physical organizations known, probably why this is such a magnet of spiritual effects and life.

I am not excited by the concept of this judgement from God. I would much rather achieve my own intentional effects and refine my understanding and processes until I am able to master my own universe. I would not harm others. I cling to truths which I believe are unimpeachable and correctly organizable.

I have achieved numerous fantastic and wonderful scientific and electrical feats which I have seen improve society and the space around me immensely. Is God post these accomplishments, and disillusioned? That is a curve of effects.

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