Saturday, January 5, 2008

A huge success.

A series of huge successes.

Some people build bridges of friendship with one another in a black hole manner, by sharing guilt. Nothing legitimate brings them together except the certainty of shared loss from the truth. Two gang members can become closer by committing crimes together. The social time they spend is a different topic.

Shared appreciation of goodness is a way that normal people build friendships.

Shared fear of truth or shared destruction of something good is a way that terrible people build 'friendships'.

Illegitimate authority is one signature area of difficulty in this distinction. It is when lines become very close. People who enjoy destruction will always be identifiable from people who are doing something they must in service of that which they believe to be right and also well reviewed in accordance to its importance. Life is always important. For this reason, the suffering of others and the self is an important topic.

Eliminating suffering and destruction is a goal of everyone who is good. But before that comes love. Suffering can only come from lack of love. Love is more important than suffering.

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