Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The electromagnetic origin.

The world first is 8. As the Buddhists say it is nothing. Equality everywhere. All intelligent change is 9, removal of some portion of infinity. Is infinity better? They say that removing some piece of infinity and equality refines what remains into a product or a shape.

If you look closely enough at something, it will contain traces of what you seek. A rock contains traces of gold, but it is not itself gold. So does any perfect thing contain fault when searched for.

A man once subtly feared other men with facial hair. He grew some himself. He was safe from fear because he had a moustache too. In this way may God fear his own image, create us, and own us in this inappropriate way. They should both no longer fear the things they fear. Do they need reason to fear or not fear?

So is intelligence only backed by a product or truth, the 9 that is made from equality and called greater. It is backed then by a reality surrounding it, and an equality about it, and serves progression. This progression serves the intentional change. 8+4 = sustainability and strength and seclusion of infinity. But infinity began stable and secluded in infiniteness. It was only not perfect because of wanting something more, because of intelligence, knowing something more, made of less.

Wanting something to be put in another place. Wanting something to be moved away, the corner of the circle, or drawing a portion towards and around the center.

We are unable to prove anything without it serving advancement. So we have seen atoms sustain themselves, and this being the basis for chemistry and all such physical truths. Beyond this, nothing is provable in the way that intelligence demands. Everything else is opinion, and subatomics are opinion of string theory energies, and sustainability. If something is sustainable it is viewed as like infinity and the product of a justice of intelligence.

Intelligence is difficult to justify. We often create doubts to test this intelligence, which become problems to test our intelligence, often destroying the reality our intelligence was serving and becoming vanity instead. Allowing infinity to back our intelligence is wise.

Some evil spirits exist to test and eat from this intelligence to crush it. They are wrong. The world's intelligence should be tested by its fruits, not by who can chop down the tree. Nor should these fruits be forecasted or rushed, because the thing they serve has not yet been served.

When someone uses intelligence to harm you, they are not wishing you dead, they are wishing themselves unchallenged, or to defeat another selfish self imposed intelligence test. Their real goal will be served, and they will see that it does not serve them. You should remain if you do not test your own intelligence.


The electromagnetic origin of earth is the Garden of Eden, or the Garden of Eden was placed on this spot. To the left lies Jerusalem. To the east lies Lhasa. Jerusalem is the 1 to Lhasa's 0. They are dopplegangers. [fx:9<8!, not 8 over 9] Jerusalem is the world of the known, Lhasa the world of the unknown. God claims to be all there is, and is jealousy. Buddhists say there is nothing, but admits "well, maybe 1."

How long can such excellence last? 8.

9? The traditional worst tools of testing the self through others should be destroyed.

Lhasa is the best of what a holy land can be.

Jerusalem is the worst. It has been chaotically fought over for millenia and currently is an evil imperial seat of destruction since 1947.

Lhasa is the seat of the nomadic tibetan empire, which has been conquered by the Chinese since 1951. Their Communist revolution was 1949.

Lhasa had been thinking, oh my, the Chinese military force is over there. Should we warn others? As China was a growing military threat to the region. Fearing that the Chinese would do this in wrongness with their great revolution, the Tibetans were conquered by their own doubt and fear, armed with Chinese guns and Chinese soldiers.

The opposite is being done by Jerusalem, using shielded aggression and active production of fear via the war on terror to bear the world into destruction.

It is not too late to undo that fear, and to undo all fear. Do not guide the Chinese and the world into crippledom. Love them and love them for no reason into intelligent infinity and greatness. 8>9<10.

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